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• Pre-cut dowel slots assure perfect dowel alignment every time.and eliminates measuring and nailing dowel holders.

• Pre-cut back chamfer saves valuable on-site labor.

• Super strong form board is re-usable saving additional costs in materials.

• Black overlay creates a smoother edge finish than traditional lumber.

• Available in true dimensional heights (4”, 5”, 5.5”, 6”, 8” and custom heights).


• Reusable construction joint form board

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• Construction joint plate dowel

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• Construction joint basket

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• Concrete edge protection system

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The reusable, strong and time saving form board.

The reusable EZform™ Board is a super strong construction joint board developed to help owners and contractors create better construction joints while reducing on-site time and labor. The board features a pre-cut back chamfer, pre-cut dowel slots (for delivery of the EZdowel load transfer plate dowel), and is available in true dimensional heights of 4”, 5”, 5.5”, 6” and 8”. Custom heights are also available with advanced notice.

EZform’s pre-cut dowel slots assure perfect dowel alignment every time, while eliminating the time, labor and hassle of measuring and nailing traditional dowel holders. EZform's pre-cut dowel slots are available in standard widths of 18" or 24" O/C. Custom dowel centering is also available with advance notice. To install the EZdowel plate dowel, simply slide it into the pre-cut slot on the EZform board.

EZform also features a smooth black overlay on the pour side that helps in form removal while creating a smoother edge finish. The board resists twisting, warping and cupping due to stronger fiber orientation and advanced resin composition.

After the form has been removed, additional re-use is possible by simply washing away aggregate and excess concrete paste from the board and out of the pre-cut dowel slots.

The patent pending EZform™ board is part of the EZform System™ designed for construction and contraction joints. The system includes: EZform™ board, EZdowel™ load transfer device, EZedge™, and EZbasket™.

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