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• Meets all ACI 360 performance criteria

• Strong and efficient single wire design

• Double bars with compressible center

• Provides for horizontal and perpendicular deflection

• Minimizes restraint due to horizontal shrinkage


• Reusable construction joint form board

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• Construction joint plate dowel

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• Construction joint basket

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Green and Sustainable Concrete Slab Load Transfer"50%" height="83"> 

• Concrete edge protection system

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Green and Sustainable Concrete Slab Load Transfer.

Concrete flooring and paving must have the ability to withstand the rigors of service such as the abrasive and concentrated loads of wheeled traffic across the joints.

As a part of the EZform construction joint system, EZbasket™ ( the “W” Basket assembly) is designed to help you reliably deliver a serviceable slab in a highly competitive environment. Designers will recognize the benefit of the “W” basket in any joint reinforcement planning. Utilizing McTech’s unique Single wire, double bar plate and compressible center geometry and a factory applied debonding agent, the “W” basket assembly helps you:

• Save labor
• Provide a more efficient use of steel when compared to continuous mats
• Minimize your liability in warranty and retained earnings
• Limit your liability
• Deliver a greener and more sustainable slab-on-ground

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