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McTech Group Announces Superior Wet Curing Blanket

Innovative Technology Provides Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Concrete Wet Curing Methods

ATLANTA, Ga., June 15, 2010 -- Adding to a long list of technological advancements for the concrete construction industry, McTech Group Inc. announced today significant improvements and innovations which make UltraCure® NCF and UltraCure® DOT, the superior concrete wet curing blankets.

Contractors, architects and owners now have a selection of single-use wet curing blankets from the UltraCure line of disposable concrete curing products to specify or purchase for wet curing applications. The introduction of this major product improvement means the long-term environmental impact of wet curing products used in normal construction practices will be forever altered. UltraCure is the industry’s first and only choice for a sustainable green wet curing product.

“The key challenge was to develop a cost effective single-use wet curing system that maintained the superior performance of our patented UltraCure products”, said Rick Jordan, V.P.,  “UltraCure now meets that challenge, and will enable concrete construction projects to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations worldwide”.

The new curing blanket system is made from super absorbent sustainable cellulose fibers and a patented vapor barrier constructed to aerobically or anaerobically decomposes in a very short cycle. “In a fast-moving green revolution, UltraCure brings unequalled cutting-edge science to the curing of high-performance concrete.” Jordan added.

About McTech Group
Located in metro Atlanta, McTech Group has been recognized as a global leader in creating superior products for the concrete industry. The company currently offers wet curing products under the UltraCure brand, load transfer and forming products under the EZdowel® brand, and slab and concrete protection with EZcover®. The company’s commitment to creating products that are made from sustainable or recyclable products helped it garner the prestigious “Energy Star Partner” certification.

For More information contact Rick Jordan at 770-913-8363
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