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• Longer Term Curing Blanket (up to 14 days).

• Lightweight: each roll weights approx. 50 pounds.

• Vapor barrier helps reduce solar heating of the concrete.

• Disposable: single use fabric eliminates cross contamination between slabs.

• Less Material Overlap: overlaps of 2-6” mean less waste than most other curing methods.

• UltraCure DOT™ meets or exceeds standard specifications for sheet materials for curing concrete.

Removing air bubbles is easy with the UltraSqueeg™ roller squeegee. As the wet curing blanket is rolled out and begins to absorb water, pockets of air can sometimes form between the blanket and slab. To assure a consistent finish and coloration, removal of the air pockets and undesired wrinkles is vital. The UltraSqueeg roller removes the pockets and presses the blanket into the curing water assuring consistency during the wet cure process.

The UltraSqueeg roller works great with all of our wet curing products including UltraCure NCF, SUN, DOT™ and OneCure.

The Long Duration Wet Curing Blanket.

UltraCure DOT™ is our heaviest duty curing blanket. It features a perforated vapor barrier applied to one side to help minimize concrete overheating, maintain moisture levels and provide protection against UV degradation. It is also available in non-perforated for vertical applications.

With proper installation, UltraCure DOT™ provides constant hydration and maintains a 100% relative humidity condition on the slab for wet curing curing durations up to 14 days.

As with all UltraCure products, UltraCure DOT™ wicks itself to the concrete surface, helping to prevent foreign material including dust, debris and contaminants to reach the surface. The blanket stays in place without the need to weight down the edges.

Each 800 foot roll of UltraCure DOT™ can absorb up to 55 gallons of curing water providing the critical moisture required for the long term wet curing of concrete surfaces. With typical application and proper installation, UltraCure DOT™ helps reduce material costs, installation labor, and totally eliminates the need of costly storage and transportation of traditional wet cure methods.


Download link: Product Information (Ultracure DOT)



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